Sjørring in front of Volvo Construction Equipment with customized wheel loader buckets

Sjørring in front of

Volvo Construction Equipment

Learn how Danish Volvo-operators benefit from customized buckets and fast delivery.

Original Volvo wheel loader buckets on demand - manufactured by Sjørring

Original Volvo wheel loader buckets on demand

Sjørring has been one of the major strategic suppliers of Volvo Construction Equipment worldwide since 1981, providing the opportunity for Volvo's distributors all over the world to be supplied with customized buckets.

Today, it is possible to order an original customized loading bucket from Volvo Entreprenørmaskiner with the same high quality and short delivery time.

Loading bucket with almost unlimited options for customization

In collaboration with Volvo Denmark, Kenny Jensen from KR Grus in Denmark took part in the design process and gained firsthand insight into Sjørring’s flexible bucket production process.

Jensen and his colleagues were excited about the loading bucket and its virtually unlimited options for customization by Volvo Denmark.

Kenny Jensen is convinced that the next bucket supplied for his company will also be an original Volvo bucket manufactured by Sjørring. He points out that the buckets have multiple benefits, and that there are as many customization specifications and needs as there are users.

Since 1981, we have been a strategic supplier for Volvo Construction Equipment. Today, Volvo's dealers all over the world can order a customized loading bucket manufactured by Sjørring when ordering a Volvo wheel loader.

Sjorring supplies customized wheel loader buckets for Volvo Construction Equipment

Welding robots = uniform quality + high capacity

The welding robots at our production facilities guarantee uniform welds of highest possible quality and facilitate a high production capacity.

Welding robots at Sjorring = uniform quality + high capacity

The managing director of Volvo Entreprenørmaskiner A/S is pleased with the development and with the opportunities offered by the collaboration with Sjørring, and he is convinced that the collaboration has one crucial, fundamental benefit:

"Sjørring's product quality and lead times are hard to beat."

Jens Ejsing, Managing Director for Volvo Entreprenørmaskiner A/S

Customized Volvo shovels manufactured by Sjørring

"I got exactly what I wanted: a bucket fully customized to my preferences and needs. It is a brilliant product made of Hardox® steel. The best steel you can get. It only took two weeks to have it delivered. You can’t get a better delivery time than that."

Kenny Jensen, KR Grus in Denmark

Boost your brand – and business – with original buckets for construction equipment

Boost your brand – and business – with original buckets

Would you like your brand logo on buckets and other attachments? If it’s a yes, we are here to help. 

When partnering with us, you can get an original bucket program with all the variations your customers ask for. You can also have other attachments, such as quick couplers, forks and blades.


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