Steelwrist excavator buckets are manufactured by Sjørring

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Steelwrist AB

Learn how Steelwrist elevated its business with a streamlined supply chain, flexible production, and a global logistics hub when partnering with us.

Increasing demand called for a strengthened supply chain

The Swedish company Steelwrist was founded in 2005, and its determined focus on robust and modern excavator attachments combined with fast service is appreciated by an increasing number of customers. In fact, by 2020, the demand for Steelwrist products had grown significantly worldwide – so much so that Steelwrist wanted to strengthen its supply chain to be able to deliver an even better solution to its customers. 

They envisioned a more streamlined supply chain with fewer bucket suppliers and a centralized logistics hub. This made Steelwrist initiate the search for a reliable and flexible partner in their supply chain.

Increasing demand called for a strengthened supply chain for Steelwrist
Steelwrist excavator buckets manufactured by Sjørring

About Steelwrist AB

Steelwrist AB is a global manufacturer of tiltrotators, quick couplers, and work tools for excavators, with headquarters in Sweden.

Steelwrist’s goal is to be the best in the world at developing, manufacturing, and selling equipment that increases the efficiency of excavators.

Flexibility, robots, and the right price

Steelwrist investigated bucket manufacturers throughout Europe and found our unique production facilities and logistics setup to be the perfect match for their business model:

“It was important to us to find a supplier that could live up to our promise of quality and fast delivery. And they should be able to handle the increased demand and capacity on a larger scale. Sjørring’s flexible production and logistics setup really deliver on this!” says Stefan Stockhaus, CEO of Steelwrist AB.

Especially our welding robots made a compelling argument for choosing Sjørring. The welding robots guarantee uniform quality and high capacity, and the robots ensure flexible production at competitive prices. This made it possible for Steelwrist to scale down on the number of bucket supplier without scaling down on the number of manufactured buckets.

“Sjørring delivers exceptional quality at competitive prices – and they can keep up with the growing demand for Steelwrist buckets. Their modern production facilities and focus on cost optimization impress me, and I am very pleased with our partnership,” concludes Stefan Stockhaus.

“The logistics hub that Sjørring made for us makes a big difference. It helps us reach our goals and elevate our business.”

Stefan Stockhaus, CEO of Steelwrist AB

Steelwrist's global logistics hub at Sjørring

Global logistics hub

Steelwrist’s vision of a centralized logistics hub was realized when partnering with us. 

We built a 3,000m2 storage unit dedicated to Steelwrist excavator bucket. The logistics hub not only houses the excavator buckets manufactured by Sjørring – it also stores the buckets manufactured by Steelwrist’s other European bucket suppliers making the hub a global center from where the buckets are shipped worldwide.

Utilizing our many years of experience with shipping worldwide, we helped Steelwrist streamline its logistics setup, and now the Swedish company has a logistics hub tailored to their needs.

Case facts


square meters of storage space at Sjørring for storing Steelwrist excavator buckets.



Steelwrist excavator buckets are shipped annually from the global logistics hub located at Sjørring.

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