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High dump bucket for wheel loaders

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A high dump bucket for wheel loaders is a specialized type of bucket attachment that provides increased dumping height compared to standard buckets. It features an extended reach or elevated discharge point, allowing the loader operator to dump materials at a higher level, such as into tall trucks or containers, or over obstacles like walls or piles.

High dump buckets are commonly used in applications where the standard dumping height of a wheel loader is not sufficient to reach the desired dumping location or where additional height is required to avoid obstacles or optimize material placement.

This type of bucket is often used in industries such as construction, waste management, and agriculture, where efficient material handling and precise dumping are important factors. High dump buckets come in various sizes, capacities, and forms to suit different loader models and job requirements.

High dump buckets enable loaders to reach higher dumping points, reducing the need to repeatedly reposition the loader or manually handle materials to achieve proper dumping. This results in increased efficiency and productivity, as materials can be loaded and dumped more quickly and with fewer movements.

We manufacture high dump buckets with either center-mounted or side-mounted hydraulic cylinders. The key difference is the location of the hydraulic cylinders and the pivot points, which affect the way the bucket tilts and dumps materials. Center-mounted cylinders provide a more centralized tipping action, while side-mounted cylinders provide a tipping action from the sides of the bucket.

The high dump bucket with center-mounted cylinders has a lightweight structure for optimal efficiency when loading free-flowing materials. We recommend center-mounted cylinders for loading materials with a density under 1,000 kg/m³, such as compost, woodchips, waste, and coal. The high dump bucket with side-mounted cylinders has a heavier structure compared to the center-mounted version, and it offers a clean shell to avoid bulky materials from getting stuck. We recommend side-mounted cylinders for loading materials with a density up to 1,500 kg/m³.

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