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Start constructing your career with us

Start constructing your career with us

Are you looking for a flexible and innovative place of work? Then look no further.

Our ambition is to stay out in front. Always. And we believe that it is our employees that drive the innovation forward.

Our work culture is based on our core values: Flexibility, quality, and reliability. These values permeate everything we do, from customer relations to manufacturing processes, leadership, and teamwork. To you working in our offices, this e.g. means that you get flexible hours and the opportunity to work from home. To you working in our production facilities, it e.g. means that you can always rely on the help of your colleague in the welding booth next to you. And you can be sure that we always prioritize high quality in every step of our work.

Want to be a part of our team?

We're always on the lookout for new talents, innovative thinkers, pragmatics, and pleasant colleagues.

In our production facilities, we have a 3-shift team of qualified and experienced welders, robot operators, and machinists – and that's just to name a few. Supported by our extensive array of production machinery and welding robots, these individuals possess the skills and know-how to bring any specific component or attachment request from our customers to life.

In our offices, we have a diverse team of highly qualified colleagues who work together to create the best manufacturing experience and service for our customers in the construction equipment industry. Here, you’ll meet e.g. engineers, technicians, sales executives, controllers, planners, logistics specialists, and quality experts.

Let’s get better together at Sjørring

Let’s get better together

Whether you work in one area or another, it's important to us that all our employees feel that they make a difference as individuals - because they truly do.

We value the energy and dedication that each employee puts into Sjørring, and we ensure that their voices are heard. We believe that anyone with great ideas deserves to be heard.

If you have exceptional ideas in your area of expertise that could benefit Sjørring as a business and workplace, don't hesitate to submit an application and begin constructing your career.