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Snow blades

Snow blades for construction machinery

For effortless snow removal, add a snow blade to your attachment program

Do you have customers in snowy areas? Then you'll need a snow blade in your attachment program.

A snow blade – also known as a snow pusher or snowplow blade, is a specialized attachment used for clearing snow from large areas such as roads, parking lots and airport runways.

Snow blades can consist of a single large blade or have additional features like wings or extendable edges to increase the width of the blade and provide better coverage. This makes the attachment particularly suitable for clearing very large areas or handling heavier snowfall. Whatever your customers need, we can find the right solution together.

The wide blade on snow blades enable operators to push larger volumes of snow in a single or very few passes, reducing the work time and effort.

Snow blades are versatile attachments that typically are adjustable and can be angled left or right, allowing operators to push snow in the desired direction. This flexibility enables efficient snow stacking or pushing masses of snow off to the side.

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