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Rock bucket

Rock bucket for wheel loaders manufactured by Sjørring

The rock star on your bucket list

If your customers do heavy duty work, this is the bucket you need in your loader bucket program.

A rock bucket for wheel loaders is a heavy-duty attachment for handling rocky and abrasive materials. Sjørring-manufactured rock buckets are made with reinforced steel and additional wear-resistant features to withstand the harsh conditions and high impact forces that come with working in quarries, mines, and other rock excavation environments.

Unlike a general purpose bucket, a rock bucket features additional wear plates that are strategically placed in areas more prone to wear and tear, such as the bottom of the bucket and the sides near the cutting edges to help break up hard, compacted material. Rock buckets are often equipped with teeth along the bucket's front edge, which helps grip and penetrate hard materials such as rocks, shale, or coral.

Rock buckets come in various sizes, widths, and configurations to fit different wheel loader models and job requirements. They are commonly used in mining, quarrying, and construction applications that require heavy-duty loading and handling of large, dense materials.

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