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Pallet forks for wheel loaders

Pallet forks for wheel loaders

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The primary purpose of pallet forks is to handle palletized loads, such as  construction materials, crates, and other goods that are typically transported on pallets. By inserting the forks under the pallet, the wheel loader can lift and carry the load to another location.

Pallet forks provide several advantages when used with wheel loaders. They offer increased lifting capacity compared to forklifts, allowing for the handling of heavier loads.

Wheel loaders are also known for their maneuverability, and when equipped with a pallet fork, they can efficiently move loads around job sites and loading areas. A wheel loader's ability to go off-road is an advantage compared to standard forklifts, making it a more versatile piece of equipment.

In addition to palletized materials, pallet forks can be used for other tasks such as handling logs, large pipes, or other bulky items that can be securely gripped by the forks.

It's important to note that different wheel loaders may require specific fork sizes or attachments, so it's crucial to ensure compatibility between the machine and the pallet forks before use. We'll help you with that.

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