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Light material bucket

Light material bucket for wheel loaders

A high-capacity bucket for lightweight materials

Are you looking for a bucket that leads to significant time and cost savings for the wheel loader operator? Then take a look at the light material bucket – it might just be the type of bucket you need in your wheel loader bucket program.

A light material bucket for loaders is a specialized attachment made to handle materials with low density and low wear, such as grain, wood chips, sawdust, fertilizer, or snow, and have a larger capacity compared to standard buckets.

The lighter weight of the bucket allows for a higher volume of material to be moved per load, reducing the number of trips required to complete a task. This results in faster cycle times and increased productivity, which can be especially beneficial in industries such as agriculture, construction, and snow removal.

Light material buckets manufactured by Sjørring include features such as curved sides and a wider opening, which facilitate easier and quicker loading and dumping of materials. This further increase efficiency and reduce operator fatigue.

This bucket type typically has a larger capacity and a wider, flatter bottom than a general purpose bucket or a rock bucket. The bucket's wide, flat shape allows for efficient loading and unloading of loose, lightweight materials, while the rounded back and sides help prevent material from spilling out during transport.

Light material buckets are constructed with lightweight, high-strength steel, which reduces the overall weight of the attachment and allows for increased carrying capacity.

Light material buckets come in a range of sizes and configurations to fit different wheel loader models and job requirements.

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