Sjørring launches their own line of weight optimized  excavator buckets 

August 2020: Sjørring is already supplying some of the biggest brands within the construction equipment industry with original and specialized wheel loader buckets all over Europe. Now we are ready to present our newest project; a program of weight optimized buckets under own brand and name.


Part of the strategy
Sjørring has always been in front when it comes to attaching wheel loader buckets to some of the biggest international brands within the constructions equipment industry like Volvo, Hitachi and Doosan and more. 

Now, however, from August 2020, construction businesses will have the opportunity to equip their excavators with buckets own new line - a line that has the same well-known high quality as the wheel loader buckets and at a competitive price point.

”This is another step in the strategic direction that we have made for Sjørring: We wish to be a leading force within the attachment market." 

"Therefor, it made good sense to take advantage of and further develop on the large amount of know-how regarding producing buckets, and finally be able to present a complete line of excavator buckets of the highest quality - selling directly to dealers.” says Sjørring's CEO Klaus Kalstrup.

Specially designed for greener digging 
The buckets within the line are, as most buckets from Sjørring - manufactured with HARDOX and their special construction makes the immensely durable as well as light, as weight optimization has been a focal point when developing the design of the buckets.


”The buckets are specially designet to be very durable without weighing to much; unnecessary element and heavy wear parts have been optimized or removed completely. 

"With a light and streamlined bucket compared to existing products on the market, you will be able to achieve less fuel consumption - and that is good for both our customer's wallet and the environment,”
Klaus Kalstrup explains.

At a time where the questions of the climate and the environment is high up on the agenda, and where every industry must look inwards, it is not without importance to take a closer look at a buckets direct environmental impact on a excavation og earth moving job. Thereby, the bucket line is the right choice the environmentally conscious entrepreneur, if digging jobs shall be executed in a "greener", and in time cheaper, manner. 


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