Gjerstad Case Sjorring



  • Established in 1964
  • Headquartered in Sundebru, Norway
  • Leading manufacturer of excavation equipment in Norway
  • Strategic partner with Sjørring since 2014

Sjørring is a supplier to one of Scandinavia’s biggest manufacturers of construction equipment: Gjerstad.

"The market’s toughest equipment for excavating machinery" is the uncompromising description on Gjertad’s website for this illustrious Norwegian company and leading manufacturer of excavation equipment for Norway’s rocky mountains.



Gjerstad has been manufacturing buckets since 1964 because they believe that mass produced piece goods are simply not good enough and that a need exists for customized quality products.

The buyers of Gjerstad’s construction equipment are demanding and expect a high level of product quality.


“Previously, we had our products manufactured in Asia, but this is a flexible solution with excellent delivery times. We need flexibility in order to deliver high-quality, specialized equipment with short lead times” 

Tor Kjetilson Moe, CEO of Gjerstad Products A/S


Sjørring is pleased to be able to produce and manufacture rock solid buckets that live up to the standards, expectations and preferences of Gjerstad’s customers.

Gjerstad Case Tor Kjetilson Moe

“In my view Sjørring has what it takes to deliver the quality products that Gjerstad represents and which our customers require.“

Tor Kjetilson Moe
CEO of Gjerstad Products A/S

“Sjørring is a future-oriented business with pioneering products, and this makes them competitive. By joining forces with Sjørring, we have found a strong Scandinavian partner.”

- Tor Kjetilson Moe, CEO of Gjerstad Products A/S