Robotic welding

Our 11 robotic welders – each of which has its own unique properties and runs round the clock – enable us to handle workpieces of many different dimensions. Our manipulators can lift up to 5 tonnes and handle workpieces up to 4 metres long. Sjorring has always been a frontrunner in the field of robotic welding and automation.

Robot work cells

Each of our robot work cells is designed for specifically dimensioned workpieces. These are equipped with features such as an automated pallet-changer to maximise the use of the robot and to minimise the time spent on manual processing. They can also be equipped with automated zero-position location to reduce resetting time.  

FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) Robot

Sjorring has had a Valk FMS welding robot installed, as the first company in Scandinavia to do so. This is the biggest robotic installation in a Nordic country to date. The robot’s distinctive feature is being able to automatically handle up to eight different workpieces without having to stop for set-up. At the same time, the robot is currently the fastest robot in Europe.