Strong and flexible


Sjorring is now a strategic partner of one of Scandinavia's biggest manufacturers of construction equipment


The market’s “»toughest«” equipment for excavating machinery, is the uncompromising description on Gjerstad’s website. And now this illustrious Norwegian company – and leading manufacturer of excavation equipment for Norway’s rocky mountains – has chosen Sjorring to be its bucket supplier.
»In my view, Sjorring has what it takes to deliver the quality products Gjerstad represents and which our customers need«,” says Tor Kjetilson Moe, Managing Director and owner of Gjerstad Products A/S.

Flexible and specialised

Gjerstad has been manufacturing buckets since 1964 on the assumptions that mass-produced piece goods are simply not good enough and that there is a need for customised quality products.
»Gjerstad is known far and wide for its quality products and sizeable market shares«,” states Jørgen B. Randa, Sales Director for Sjorring, and explains how he looks forward to working with Gjerstad, whose partners must comply with tough requirements.
The customers for Gjerstad’s construction equipment are demanding and expect a high level of product quality. Working in Norway means harsh conditions where the underground is bedrock and stone.
»We previously had our products manufactured in Asia, but this is an inflexible solution with excessive delivery times. We need flexibility in order to deliver high-quality specialised equipment with short lead times«,” explains Tor Kjetilson Moe, Managing Director, Gjerstad.
Customised buckets adapted to customer preferences and needs using some of the most advanced welding techniques in the market today notably make Sjorring the flexible partner Gjerstad needs. And Sjorring’s position as Denmark’s biggest buyer of high strength steel is just one more competitive parameter.

Right partners

In both Norway and Denmark there is widespread confidence in Scandinavian collaboration:
»We have many qualities in common with Gjerstad. We represent high quality and short lead times and are not afraid to compete with Asian suppliers. We’are an excellent match for Gjerstad«,” says Jørgen B. Randa, Sales Director, Sjorring.
At Gjerstad, Tor Kjetilson Moe points out that Sjorring has amassed years of experience as a strategic supplier for large multinational corporations, and thus proved its worth long ago.   
»Sjorring is a future-oriented business with pioneering products, and this makes them competitive«,” says the Managing Director and owner of Gjerstad Products A/S Tor Kjetilson Moe, emphasising:
»By joining forces with Sjorring, we get a strong Scandinavian partner«.

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