Loading buckets for the Danish market


Sjorring is now manufacturing customised Volvo loading buckets for the Danish market


Specifically, this means that it is possible to order a customised loading bucket from Volvo when ordering a new Volvo wheel loader. Previously, buckets for Volvo machinery over 23 tonnes had to be ordered from a third party.

Sjorring is already one of the major strategic suppliers of Volvo Construction Equipment worldwide, and this new initiative means that Volvo’s distributors all over the world have new options for getting customised buckets.

Volvo sales are increasing

Volvo’s overall market share in Denmark is stable, but the sales percentage for Volvo’s loading buckets has sharply increased, explains a satisfied Jens Ejsing, Market Manager for Volvo Construction Equipment in Denmark: “Previously, only one out of ten loading buckets sold was our own Volvo bucket. This figure has now increased to six out of ten buckets and is rising.” End-user satisfaction is also noticeable: “I got exactly what I wanted: a bucket fully customised to my preferences and needs. It is a brilliant product made of Hardox steel, which is the best steel you can get,” explains Kenny Jensen, co-owner of the KR Grus construction contractor in North Jutland, adding: “It’s also a big advantage to get a quality product which is made in Denmark.”

Kenny Jensen personally took part in the design process and gained first-hand insight into Sjorring’s entire bucket production process.

Excellent delivery and quality

Kenny Jensen further explains that one of his colleagues was so excited about the loading bucket and its virtually unlimited possibilities for customisation that he also placed an order for a Volvo bucket with Sjorring – even before Kenny Jensen’s bucket had been delivered. And the delivery process was impressive, too: “It only took two weeks to have the bucket delivered. You really can’t get a better delivery time than that.”

Kenny Jensen is convinced that the next bucket for his company will also be a Volvo bucket from Sjorring. Sjorring’s buckets have multiple benefits and there are just as many customisation specifications and needs as there are users, he points out.

These needs are now being met by Volvo with Sjorring’s Danish-made loading buckets.

Jens Ejsing, Market Manager for Volvo Construction Equipment in Denmark is pleased with these developments and with the possibilities afforded by broadening the collaboration with Sjorring. Also, the collaboration has a crucial, fundamental benefit, he emphasises: “Sjorring’s product quality and lead times are hard to beat.”


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