Sjorring should be your preferred supplier because we provide:

Fast, flexible lead times

We have one of the most modern systems in Europe for the manufacture of steel workpieces. We have adapted and optimised the flow so that we now deliver big and small workpieces alike within a few working days.

Welding experts

As we annually use 200 tonnes of welding rod, we venture to call ourselves experts in the welding of carbon steel. We have some of Denmark’s most highly skilled metalworkers and most seasoned welding experts who constantly ensure ideal product design focused on materials and welding functions. In addition, we have at our command one of the most modern FEM robotic welding systems in northern Europe.

Single-unit flow production

Every day, we manufacture products that are sent all over the world. Each product is precisely adapted to meet the customer’s requirements and, even though we manufacture a great many buckets and crane booms every single day, every single product is uniquely adapted to customer needs.  

Consistently high quality

Buckets and other products manufactured by Sjorring are recognised throughout the industry for their durability and quality. Every single product is quality controlled and approved according to our strict requirements for precision and quality.

Competitive prices

As Denmark’s biggest buyer of high-strength steel, we give high priority to getting good bargains for the materials that we pass on to our customers. At the same time, we weld as many workpieces as possible on our robotic systems to minimise the wage-share of our products. This combination is directly responsible for our competitive prices.

Being a development partner

In a product development phase, having complete trust of one’s development partners is crucial, because you need to be certain you get the feedback you need. We dare to be critical of your product! We do this constructively, of course, and base our viewpoints on the fact that you are the expert on the use of your product. We contribute by optimising the manufacture of the product in terms of both durability and price. 

Advanced robotic production processes

Sjorring has always aimed to stay at the forefront of robotic welding. We are continuously enlarging our robotic systems and constantly pushing the envelope in terms of what can be welded by robots. Robotic welding has a beneficial effect on quality, time and, thus, price. Click robotic welding for more details.