About Sjorring

In 1946, Sjørring Maskinfabrik A/S was founded in Denmark in the northern Jutland town of Sjørring; the main purpose of the business was repairing agricultural machinery and manufacturing water pumps.
The factory then evolved to also manufacture different variants of machinery for use in agriculture.

1974 saw us produce the first bucket for Volvo Construction, which has since proven to be where our core expertise lies. In 1981, Sjorring was chosen to be Volvo Construction’s strategic supplier – a distinction of which we are very proud. This partnership with Volvo has played a part in the ongoing development and optimisation of our production flow, and in 1991 we bought our first welding robot (we now have 11 at our disposal).

LEAN became an integral part of production in 2002, something which has led to us now possessing an ultra-modern production setup in which the main focus is always on maintaining optimal process flow together with a high level of quality.
Our production of buckets for machinery used in mining and the contracting industry is highly specialised. Our production objective is to always be the most flexible supplier. The buckets are made individually according to customer requirement specifications, which in the process are combined with our strict quality and working environment requirements in accordance with our ISO certifications.


Key figures

  • Founded in 1946
  • 250 employees
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 3834-2 certified
  • LEAN optimised since 2002
  • 18,000 m² production facilities

Core expertise

  • Special production of buckets for wheel loaders, excavators and mining vehicles


  • Cutting, bending (640T)
  • Welding (currently 11 welding robots)
  • Machining
  • Painting
  • Assembly
  • Quality control
  • Welding manipulator (from 200–5000 kg)

Corporate Profile